How to Communicate with Clients | The Guidelines [For Freelancers]

How to communicate with clients is a skill freelancers tend to learn through trial and error, but what if you could accelerate your learning with The Guidelines? You can. The Guidelines are an invaluable and fully customizable tool for freelance content creators to set and hold communication boundaries with clients on any content creation project. Whether you're a content or copy writer, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, OBM, VA, or any other freelancer, these guidelines will help you confidently communicate with clients. 


  • Includes both PDF guide and a fully customizable Word version of The Guidelines [How to communicate with clients], allowing you to brand them as your own
  • PDF guide explains everything you need to know about The Guidelines, like who they are for, why have them, how they work, and how to use them
  • PDF customisation guide explains how to tailor the template Guidelines for your business

  • Includes six template emails with professional copy written by Macushla to help you deal with the most common client issues on content projects

Content creators can enhance their professionalism and strengthen their communication by using The Guidelines as the basis of any client relationship. 

How many times have you worked on a content creation project that started out enthusiastically, but seemingly overnight, turned sour? Come on, we’ve all been there, a lot of times because we don't know how to communicate with clients. And while it may not be possible to avoid every project challenge, it would be great to have the skills and posture to manage them with conscious awareness and confidence, wouldn’t it? Well, now you can. 

The Guidelines are the client management scaffolding every freelancer needs to make the working processes and relationships with clients manageable, healthy, balanced, and sustainable. They help avoid confusion around communication on projects and they muscle you up by providing professional posture, allowing you to say what you mean, mean what you say, but not be mean when you say it. So good, right? 

We all struggle with hard conversations, but The Guidelines provide the basis on which you can lean right right into them, even if your voice is shaking. And most importantly, The Guidelines give you the framework by which you can lead your clients to learn and practise more conscious communication. Yes, more of that please.

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Important information

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Yes, you can. The Guidelines are fully customizable so every client knows that it’s you who’s leading the way to a meaningful professional relationship with them. When they think of someone who knows how to communicate with clients, they'll think of you.

The Guidelines are for any freelance content creator, like a copywriter, graphic designer, website developer, or photographer who works with clients and has felt overwhelmed by managing the client relationship. If you’re working as a freelance content creator, The Guidelines are an important part of your client management toolbox.

The value of The Guidelines is they provide an essential framework by which the all-important communication on your client projects can be managed. Often it’s the communication aspect of the project that leads to difficulties, not our technical acumen, so many of us need help developing our communication skills. Sharing The Guidelines with your clients sets clear boundaries for how you’ll work together, setting the project up - and your client relationship too - for long term success. They address the unspoken things that lead to resentment and burnout on projects, and through clear boundaries, pave the way for healthier client relationships. And that’s invaluable.

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