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A lot of business owners feel overwhelmed about how to approach their content creation. If that's you, spend a solid hour talking through the business, marketing, and content creator challenges that are driving you crazy and take away practical, actionable steps that make sense.


  • How to get clear on your content is all about You Time. Connect directly with Macushla for an hour to discuss your most pressing content creation challenge. Whether you're overwhelmed by your website, confounded by a client, or wondering if really have a book inside you, talking it through with someone who's walked the path and survived can be incredibly helpful.
  • Come away with a clear next steps that allow you to approach your content creation project with most posture and confidence.
  • Take the session recording and re-listen as often as you need to for a refresh as you progress forward, one step at a time.

Nobody is meant to work it out on their own. We all need help and the insights of others who aren't emotionally connected to our challenge to help see a manageable way forward. 

Not every small business owner wants or needs a full time content coach. Sometimes it's just helpful to have the guidance of an independent third party to help bring all your thoughts together. An hour might be all you need right now to stay inspired and keep going.

After you place an order, you will receive an email with an invitation to schedule your hour with Macushla. Just remember, it may go to spam (junk mail), so please do a double check before pulling your hair in frustration and yelling out loud it hasn’t arrived!

Important information

Please note Australian customers will be charged GST. As this product is virtual and downloadable, refunds cannot be offered. All Conscious Creator digital products are limited to three (3) downloads.


Yes, you will. Macushla will email you directly to arrange a mutually convenient time for your discussion. Calls will be conducted via Zoom and go for 60 minutes. A recording of the session will be available to you after the session.

The hour of You Time is for any small business owner of freelancer working solo on their content creation and who feels they hit a roadblock with a specific challenge. We can't solve everything, but we can make a start on what's causing you the most grief right now.

The value of You Time with Macushla is you have the opportunity to speak with someone who has faced your content creation challenge and can help you see a way forward. Often we are too close to a problem and cannot see a solution, or sometimes, we simply don't know what to do, particularly if content creation is not our core business.

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