How to Write a Book | 7 Day Book Blueprint Project Pack

Finally, a step-by-step, no nonsense guide not only on how to write a book, but how to plan, organize, and write that book with purpose, even if writing’s not your thing.


  • Includes a PDF of 7 Day Book Blueprint [how to write a book for non-writers] to download and scribble all over, allowing you to capture all your creative thinking as you go. No need to worry about the book collecting dust on your bookshelf or bedside table.
  • 10 templates that accompany the book, giving you the freedom to do the exercises from the book in an easy to use and colourful format. Gives you the confidence to organise and plan your book with ease. Available both as PDF and MS Word documents and print friendly.

If you've wanted to write a book since forever and given up before you started because it all seemed too hard, or you felt totally overwhelmed, 7 Day Book Blueprint is for you. Think of it as your very own book coach walking right alongside you for the duration of the book writing journey.

Yes, there are loads of books about how to write a book, but here's how 7 Day Book Blueprint is different:

  • Writing a book is more than a technical writing exercise; it's an emotional one too (who knew, right?). In 7 Day Book Blueprint, we deal with the emotional components of book writing, like fear and doubt. Working through the exercises in 7 Day Book Blueprint, you'll gain the confidence to write your book, one word, one page at a time.
  • It helps you get organised. If you're a non-writer, sitting down to write 100 words can be a challenge, so writing a book seems like climbing a very big mountain. 7 Day Book Blueprint takes you through all the steps, one by one. There is a clear process that even the most process-resistant non-writer can follow - and you can use same process again and again on other books or major content projects.
  • Learn about the unique 'digging for gold' process that will draw out all the nuggets of wisdom (the gold!) to be shared through your book. Gain a deeper appreciation of the message you'll share with your audience and feel compelled to keep going with your book, even on days you don't feel like it.

If you know there's a book inside you and your purpose demands that you share your message, know that there is no perfect time to start a book. 7 Day Book Blueprint will help you understand that - and show you how to write your book - finally!

When it came time to write my book, I knew I needed help...following the 7 Day Book Blueprint process, I found it was clear and achievable if you just follow the steps.

- Dr Sarah Dan, author of SO Smile

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No, but you can it you want to. If your schedule permits, by all means, work through the book and exercises in seven days, however, 7 Day Book Blueprint is designed to be practical first and foremost. Whether you take seven days, weeks, or months, the key thing, is that you have a process to follow, and ultimately a plan for how to write a book.

7 Day Book Blueprint is especially for non-writers and people who don't know how to write a book, or where to start. Following the clear, actionable steps and exercises, you will find the tools you need to plan, organise and write the book that's always been in you, but weren't sure how to bring to the surface.

The value of 7 Day Book Blueprint is not only in having a clear process for writing your book (or any other large content project). It's about advancing and evolving yourself through the process too. Without being overly technical, and delivering the message with humour and directness, 7 Day Book Blueprint provides practical tools and actionable steps to confront and deal with the unspoken roadblocks facing every booking writing initiate. If you think that writing your book is about more than writing, or the book itself, 7 Day Book Blueprint is for you.

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