How to Write Content for Business | Business Content + Communication Guide

Want to nail how to write content for business? Finally? You are not alone. The Business Content + Communication Guide is the ideal tool for business owners to establish and share the way they communicate and connect with their market through their content, regardless of who prepares it.


  • Includes a detailed 26 page PDF workbook and a fully customizable Word version of the Business Content + Communication Guide, that teaches you how to write content for business. Allows you to brand with your own logo.
  • PDF guide explains everything you need to know about how to write content and document it in your very own Business Content + Communication Guide.  And the bonus? If you’re a freelance content writer, you can use this guide to create a Business Content + Communication Guide for your clients too.
  • Includes a PDF customisation guide, explaining how to prepare the Business Content + Communication Guide for your business or your client’s business.

Business owners who make the time to create their own Business Content + Communication Guide take an important step off the content conveyor belt. Instead of vanilla content that sounds like everyone else, they’re ready to create the content that lets their customers know they care. 

We all want our content to sound great and ‘land’ with our ideal clients or customers, but how often has it missed the mark? Too many times to count, right? Well, it doesn’t need to be this way. Learning how to write content for business doesn't need degrees or years of marketing experience. It is entirely possible to communicate clear messages and connect with your audience through each and every communication when you becomes super clear about important things like:

  • Ideal customers 
  • The voice, tone, and language of your brand
  • Your most meaningful messages
  • Your brand’s values
  • Content themes
  • Stories that connect
  • Your brand’s visual aesthetic

If you’re on this page, you probably have an idea about some of these things, but perhaps haven’t put it all together in a single source. What I’ve found is that without this kind of guidance, it’s a struggle to communicate what you really mean to your customer or any content creator you work with, whether they’re a copywriter, graphic designer, or photographer. At the very least, you find yourself ‘on repeat’, sharing the same information to every content creator you work with. Using a Business Content + Communication Guide, you can save time and create the kind of content you love and are proud to share.

If content is king, then a Business Content + Communication Guide is a loyal servant, ever ready to support you to get your message ‘out there’ in a confident, coherent, and conscious way. Ready to grow? Let’s go.

After you place an order, you will receive an email with a link to download the document. Just remember, it may go to spam (junk mail), so please do a double check before pulling your hair in frustration and yelling out loud it hasn’t arrived!

Important information

Please note Australian customers will be charged GST. As this product is virtual and downloadable, refunds cannot be offered. All Conscious Creator digital products are limited to three (3) downloads.


Yes, you can. The Business Content + Communication Guide is fully customizable so every content creator you work with understands who you are, what your business stands for, and how this should be communicated.

The Business Content + Communication Guide is for any small business owner who wants to feel more confident about how to write content and then share it through their business. It is a particularly valuable tool if you engage freelance content creators, like copywriters, graphic designers, website developers, or photographers, as it allows you to succinctly communicate what they need to know about how to create content for your business. If you’re working as a freelance content creator, you can use the workbook to help clients develop a Business Content + Communication Guide of their own. Hello to delivering exceptional value and content creation confidence.

The value of the Business Content + Communication Guide is that it provides a clear process by which you can do the necessary thinking and work to establish foundations for your business content and communications. Most small business owners never do this, however, as people become more aware and conscious in their purchases and choices, business owners with a purpose will feel compelled to create and share content that truly connects with their audience. The Business Content + Communication Guide empowers you to do this - and do it with confidence. And that’s invaluable.

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