How to Start Your Book |The Non-Writer’s Checklist for Writing a Book with Purpose

Stop stalling and start writing your book with purpose. With this guide - The Non-Writer's Checklist for Writing a Book with Purpose you get a taste of what's in store on your journey to write the book that's been floating about in your head since forever. Want actionable step-by-step hand holding? You'll find it here.


  • Includes an 18 page PDF that walks you through the key aspects of writing your book. Clarifying your audience, the questions you'll answer, your most meaningful messages, the table of contents, and more.
  • Establish 'ground zero' for your book. Finally put a line in the sand and build a framework you can work to on the book writing journey.

If you're ready to share your mission through a book with purpose, this guide is for you.

The biggest mistake would-be authors make is not writing the book that's alive in them. Now more than ever we need purposeful people who are inspired by a mission with meaning - and ready to share their message.

- Macushla Collins, author of 7 Day Book Blueprint

Yes, there are many ways to write a book, but here's how this mini guide is different:

  • It invites you to start the deep thinking and work that nails your why for writing your book. Because you're working through the exercises yourself, you can take the time to get honest and super clear, like so-clear-you-can-see-through-the-glass-clear. 
  • It helps you face your book writing fears and doubt head on. If you're a non-writer, sitting down to write a book can be a challenge, but this guide shines the light on how you can overcome these.
  • It prompts a deeper appreciation of the message you'll share with your audience and feel compelled to write your book, even on the days when it feels too hard.

This guide is the perfect place to start if you're just getting serious about your book idea. Work your way through the exercises and:

  • Learn a clear, repeatable process for writing a book with purpose and how you can integrate this important exercise into your life.
  • Identify the steps to take on what is a rich and rewarding experience, particularly if you're focused on fulfilling your mission, making a positive difference, or leaving a legacy. 

If you know you just have to write your book, get stuck into this guide and get going!

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If you've struggled with getting started on your book with purpose, this guide introduces you to the initial thinking that will take the idea in your head and put it down on paper. If you do the work (yes, it's work), you'll be on the way to planning, organising and writing that book in no time.

This guide is for any non-writer with a purpose who recognises they don't have all the answers. If you feel overwhelmed by the writing process and have been paralysed into doing nothing, this guide will start to build your courage and help you take the first important steps towards authorship.

If you're on this page, there's a very good chance you've been thinking about your book for a wee while. Instead of letting the ideas languish in your head, vacillating between fear and doubt, this guide will give some tangible substance to your thoughts and propel you forward.

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